Welcome to wellness

Your pathway to health

Since we opened in 2017, our goal has been to help you become healthier – and happier – with every visit. Delivering services of the highest standard, we use our knowledge and experience to truly care about our patients’ well-being: to us, you’re not just a visitor, but a real person with individual needs.


Our Philosophy

The core of our philosophy is our approach to your treatment: we support full, two-way communication with our patients, working together to find the most effective solution for you as an individual. Using manual therapy to reduce restriction and movement to prevent re-occurrence. We work on the proven ‘hands-on then movement’ methodology. With our caring and professional approach, we’ll help you create the workable, realistic plan of treatment your body needs.

Our Experience

At Alpha Physio Care, our extensive experience in analyzing clinical findings and imaging (MRI and X-ray) allows for an in-depth discussion of condition and treatment options, and we’ll always communicate closely with your team of healthcare professionals. Our clinic also issues all the necessary documentation (invoices, receipts and reports) required by patient, doctor, and insurance company.

Our Premises

Situated at a major crossroad in Strovolos, our clinic is easily accessible both from the town and the highway, and has ample parking close by. Inside, we have a comfortable, tranquil treatment room and a large and well-lit Clinical Pilates/exercise studio, both designed to afford uninterrupted assessment and rehabilitation.