Tailor-made rehabilitation

treat issues from lower back pain and neck pain to less common systemic conditions and trauma.


What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a recognized medical profession that uses movement, exercise, manual therapy, education and advice to treat those affected by injury, illness or disability. It’s about giving patients the best quality of life, helping them to heal, to manage pain (chronic or acute), and to live their best possible life.

At the core of this practice is musculoskeletal physiotherapy and rehabilitation, which effectively treats issues ranging from lower back pain and neck pain to less common systemic conditions and trauma. And here at Alpha Physio Care, we do just what our name suggests: rehabilitating our patients through an individualized programme of physio-therapeutic care.

How can physiotherapy help you?

At Alpha Physio Care we help, treat and guide you through the process of a holistic rehabilitation, designed to manage every physical aspect of your issue. Ultimately, it’s therapeutic movement that’s the key: regaining your mobility is much more than lying on a treatment bed – movement needs to be practised, and our rehabilitation protocols will be tailor-made for your individual abilities.

With our extensive experience in ergonomics assessment and Clinical Pilates exercise programme, and our knowledge of post-operative and post-trauma rehabilitation (always treated in communication with your orthopaedic specialist to ensure safe recovery), our clinical reasoning, evidence-based practice, and clear communication will have you on the road to recovery.

Here at Alpha Physio Care, our goal is simple: to ensure you leave each session both healthier and happier!

What does physiotherapy involve?

We’ll start with a thorough medical history and assessment, and then set realistic goals for your recovery and rehabilitation. If your pain is chronic or recurrent, we’ll first establish its source, working closely with your medical team where necessary. Then we’ll look at minimizing your discomfort, using skilled manual and soft tissue therapy to address your initial pain and limitations in movement, and complementary electrotherapy if required. And finally, we’ll work together to prescribe or modify a home exercise programme which will maximize and preserve the positive results of your physiotherapy.