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pioneers in woman’s health and pelvic floor physiotherapy in Cyprus.


Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

Alpha Physio Care is proud to be one of the pioneers in woman’s health and pelvic floor physiotherapy in Cyprus, helping you invest in your present and future well-being!

We offer help with issues related to all types of continence, to pelvic floor trauma, post-birth rehabilitation, post-gynaecological operations of all kinds, post-breast operation physiotherapy, Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation), prolapse, scars and much more.

We are proud to use modern equipment and techniques in treatment of pelvic floor conditions, based on most current medical researches. Your progress can be measured and recorded, providing objective treatment outcomes.

What does pelvic floor physiotherapy involve?

The main aim of pelvic floor physiotherapy is to establish an understanding of body function and develop a routine which can be easily followed in our daily life. Used either in combination with musculoskeletal physiotherapy and rehabilitation or as a standalone treatment, the practice gives you detailed information on your condition and guides you through the lifestyle changes which speed up and improve your recovery.

Here at Alpha Physio Care, we believe that empowering you and creating a positive body image is the key to woman’s health physiotherapy. Our fully qualified and experienced therapist will determine an effective treatment plan for you: establishing a thorough medical history of your condition; completing an intravaginal and intrarectal examination; utilizing biofeedback tools (with a single-use electrode) to measure the progress of muscle strength and strengthen pelvic floor muscles; and creating a detailed exercise programme based on your individual case and pace of progress.

What Does Pregnancy Physiotherapy Involve?

Physiotherapy in pregnancy is also available at our clinic. Our extensive experience in working with pregnant women has shown that specialized physiotherapy can significantly enhance your quality of life, giving you the better ability to cope with both the care of your child and improved approach to your work.

Pregnancy physiotherapy involves safe and effective soft tissue release techniques, mobilization of the joints, and a home exercise programme that includes the modification of daily activities if required.

New mothers are welcome to bring their babies to the physiotherapy session. We understand what being a mum involves, and there’s no need to compromise on health if babysitting is not available to you!