C-section Scar Massage & Recovery Techniques

Online Course (Videos & PDF)

The online course  covers all the essential knowledge required for caesarean section scar massage.



What does the online course cover?

C-section scar massage is probably the ‘best kept secret’ after birth. Only very few women are told to consider c-section scar massage and even fewer will find information on how it is done safely and correctly.

This simple, step-by-step guide with detailed, short videos for every technique and timetable provides you with information so that you know exactly when, how and what to do.


    • Introduction
    • Scar mobility
    • Diaphragm self release
    • Belly indirect criss cross
    • Pressure gradient whiles doing scar massage
    • Pull and hold indirect technique
    • Side bent pull and hold indirect technique in sitting
    • Small circles directly on the scar
    • Direct criss cross technique
    • Direct push and pull
    • Deep abdominal breathing post csection
    • Cobra stretch exercise
    • One leg stretch,connecting with your core
    • Side to side stretches for pelvic and back mobility
    • Abdominal and hip flexor stretch
    • Diving stretch for pelvic and spine mobility
    • Pelvic Bridge exercises


    Downloadable PDF’s

    • C-section scar massage guide
    • Weekly guide for C-section scar massage & timetable

    Course Preview

    Introduction to C-section Massage


    Deep abdominal breathing post c-section.


    Pelvic Bridge exercises.



    What does the course include?

    Caesarean section scar massage, direct and indirect and rehabilitation techniques from day 0 post c-section birth.

    The course includes 16 practical videos, 1 timetable and one informative PDF guide.

    What are the benefits of c section scar massage?

    Benefits of c-section scar massage include:

    • Reduced pain and numbness in abdominal area 
    • Improved scar and therefore surrounding tissue mobility 
    • Can help with reducing c-section ‘shelf’ 
    • Reduced pelvic pain and pain in intercourse 
    • Improved mobility and easier to strengthen core muscles
    • Improved appearance of the scar
    When can I start this course?

    You can start week 0- 6 immediately after birth, week 6+ after your doctor’s clearance

    Do I need medical clearance for the massage?

    0- 6 weeks techniques are very gentle and indirect, anyone can do them. At 6 weeks + when direct techniques are introduced, you will need to be discharged by our OBGYN.

    Are there any contraindications?
    • Acute and chronic infections on or close to scar
    • Incomplete closure 
    • Unexplained vaginal bleeding 
    • Severe pain 
    • Malignancies or suspected malignancies 
    • Always consult your physician if not sure
    What do I need and what is the cost?

    For only for €39 one-off payment, you get lifetime access to the guide.

    You will need only access to the interment, no special equipment is required.

    I still have questions to ask, whom I can contact?

    Please send any questions to alphaphysiocare@cytanet.com.cy and we get back to you as soon as possible.

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